eyes400Have you ever considered changing your eye color? You didn’t think that was possible? It sure is! You can change your eye color with non-prescription contacts so you don’t even need to be someone who normally wears contacts to wear these!

Virtually anyone that you see walking past you on the street could be wearing non-prescription color contacts. That tan woman sitting across from you on the bus with brown eyes? That freckled little girl running across the park with blue eyes? That blond man you see walking by with green eyes? Yeah, their real eye color could be blue. Or brown. Or green. Who really knows the answer to that? You could try spicing up your own look with colored contacts in any color that you want to!

You could buy a range of colors and change them every day if you really wanted to. You could buy just one color and rock it out. That is okay too! It is harmless to you physically and is just as visually appealing as any other accessory you may wear on any given day.

Now that you’ve given the idea a little thought you’re probably wondering where you should start. Well, you should first decide what eye color or colors you are interested in. From there you should consider what you want your look to say about you. Do you want to trick people into thinking that your eye color is natural? Try shades of natural eye colors like brown, blue, green, and gold. If you’re interested in the bolder, edgier look you may find yourself considering purples, reds, oranges, and yellow. You may even decide that you would like a particular pattern. The world is open to you and any decision you may make. Just make yourself happy!

Once you have decided that you would like to order non-prescription colored contacts, order just one set from eye-color-truthyour first company. You do not know the quality of the product until you get it. Save yourself a little bit of money if the pair is not of quality and order your next set from another company. Remember, you are worth it enough to have a quality product. Plus, everyone will notice if one of the lenses is colored differently than the other one. You could have a potentially embarrassing situation on your hands if you settle for low-quality contacts.